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Part 141 - International training (domestic training also available)

We are able to train both International and Domestic Students through our Part 141 Private Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land Course.

If you would like to register for training, please follow the steps below:

Training Confirmation

         When your application for Enrollment has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive confirmation of your acceptance.  This letter will include your start date, and housing arrangements if requested.

Visa Information

         Skyview will soon be able to assist our students with obtaining Student Visa's.

Tracy Municipal Airport  -  5749 S Tracy Blvd. - Tracy, CA 95377

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1) Complete and Submit the Application for Enrollment which can be located HERE

2) Make an initial deposit of $250.00 by check or money order made payable to: Skyview Avation.  You may also pay with Paypal or Wire Transfer.

    This advance payment reserves your place in the school and is refundable, less a $50.00 administrative fee should you decide not to attend.

​3) Please obtain a FAA medical examination (medical class is determined by the certificate you are seeking, most commonly a Third Class Medical is sufficient for Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land).  To find an Aviation Medical Examiner, please look at the FAA website HERE or for a local recommendation (in Tracy) please contact our office.

4) Submit via e-mail a copy of your passport OR a Birth Certificate and Photo ID.  

5) Submit verification of funds for training expenses via e-mail. Verification should include amount in US dollars with certification from a bank official with date, name, and address of bank.   

6) You must be able to read, speak, and understand English.  If you have any concerns regarding your English ability, please phone our office and we will be happy to assist in determining your English ability.

7) For issuance of an M-1 visa, a minimum education level (equivalent to 12 years of basic education).  If you have not had this level of education, please contact our office for more information.

​8) You must receive clearance from TSA (Transportation Security Administration) under the Department of Homeland Security. Please follow the instructions on the Alien Flight Student Program website which can be found HERE.